Chants and Dances

As a cheerleader, it is important for me to perform in a way an audience can easily predict and understand what our cheers and chants are about.  We have 28 chants we are required to memorize. Here are a few chants you can call out to cheer on our teams to the championships!

x = Silent Rest


  1. GOOOOOO Bisons, Go x x x 
  2.  Lipscomb x Bisons x Purple x Gold x
  3. L E T S G O – Bisons x Let’s go
  4. Hey – Go LU x x x x
  5. Hey x Here We Go, Big Gold x (Game starter)

Offense For Basketball 

  1. Basket Bisons, Basket x x 
  2. Bisons Take It To The Hoop x x x 
  3. Shoot For 2 2 2 x x


  1. Defense, Bisons, Defense x x 
  2. Hands Up x x Defense
  3. T – A – K – E, Take That Ball Away x

I am also required to have nine dances memorized including the dance to our fight song.  We have to maintain the same rhythm and beats no matter how fast the beats of a song might be.

Here is a link to of the Lipscomb cheerleaders cheering and dancing in the ASUN championship at FGCU last year.

Tell me what your favorite cheer might be.



View of Cheer Beyond the Court

Being a cheerleader requires not only physical skills but also involvement with our community and campus. One of our many tasks as cheerleaders is to encourage people to be involved in creating a positive, upbeat atmosphere amongst the community. Cheerleaders are very bubbly and extroverted because it is part of our obligation.

1264-BestBuddies2017Every year Best Buddies International hosts a huge friendship walk for people with
disabilities that challenges people to do things that they wouldn’t normally do. I love attending this event because everywhere you look someone is always smiling. When people are having fun and getting involved it makes the job of being a cheerleader a lot more fun!

Another event love participating in is the                                                                                   ALS walk hosted on campus every year.21768525_10155106371206701_4903046605175437158_o
It helps raise money to people and their families who are struggling with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Cheering for people who struggle with ALS is inspirational because you can see how much of a difference being there to support them gives them hope in themselves. To be able to motivate people and encourage them to believe “they can do anything that they set their mind to” is very rewarding, not just for me as a cheerleader but for other my fellow teammates and the families involved. 21994364_10155106372276701_125556370729496498_o

We also motivate the kids to be involved in the games.  We love talking to them and teaching them new cheers to help support our teams. 0 The kids absolutely love our mascot LU the bison. It’s so cute to watch them sit in Lou’s lap as they watch the game and cheer on the players. It’s always very exciting to see kids get so enthusiastic when we score a goal in soccer or shoot a basket in basketball.


With that being said does this change your thought at all about what it takes to be a cheerleader?


How Much Do You Know About Cheerleaders?

Everyone takes one look at cheerleaders and think they have us all figured out. Well, maybe not everyone, but for the most part a majority of people. Which is why I am putting your knowledge to the test.

For starters did you know…

That “pom-poms” are actually pronounced “pompon“. images

So many people have misinterpreted the word pompon for pom-pom that eventually people changing the original wording to “pom-pom”. Also, a lot of people misspell pompon by adding a hyphen in the middle of the word.

The Cheerleading Capital of America is…Texas!

Cheerleading was originally an all-male sport, but nowadays 97% of all cheerleader are females.

In 1923, about 40 years after the first cheer team was formed, women were finally allowed to participate in cheerleading.

Cheerleading is considered to be the most dangerous girl sport!

“…from 1980 to 2013, cheerleading injury rates went up 440 percent.” (


Some of the most common cheerleading injuries are broken arms and busted lips. Most happen during pyramids

It is common for a cheerleader to get a broken arm or busted lip from stunting for throwing pyramids.MBCcheer Pyramid-sm.JPG

Due to all the of the hazards that come with cheering there are rules and regulations that are applied when stunting on a court, such as mats.

With that being said did this post make you question how much you really knew about cheerleaders?

Curled Hair and Bright Smiles

It takes a lot to get prepared for games. There are many factors behind the senses that occur as we equip ourselves for a basketball game.



For starters, my hair and makeup take me about an hour or two to be game-day presentable. Most of the time we are all required to have our haired styled the same way for the games.


Lipscomb Cheer Uniform


We have to decide whether we want to curl or straighten our hair for that game. We also decide on one out of the three uniforms to wear at the games. We each have a purple, gold and white uniform.



Another thing that we prepare for is making sure our motions for the fight song, chants and dances are solid and crisp. We are very intentional. There is nothing worse than having a cheerleader who isn’t clean or sharp with every motion that we hit. As cheerleaders, we have, so far, eight dances and over 20 chants we are required to know by heart.


Finally, right before the games we always try to put in a little practice before the buzzer goes off notifying everyone the game is about to begin. We do that so we know exactly what stunts we want to throw that day.

What might you think is the most challenging part of getting game-day ready?


The Diversity of Different Sports

Cheering for Lipscomb is a sport in and of self, so it’s kind of ironic to have a sports cheer for another sport. I don’t know if you have noticed yet, but cheer can be AWKWARD.

Just think of it; a guy who you see for two hours every day grabbing you and throwing you in the air who hopefully doesn’t drop you isn’t normal. This is why cheerleaders make for such great performers because we pretend like it’s perfectly normal.

So far there are only three different sports teams Lipscomb cheerleaders cheer for:

  1. Basketball
  2. Soccer
  3. Volleyball

All of these sports are very fun to cheer for, of course!!!


Ah yes, the first sport I ever cheered for. Cheering for basketball is fast-paced. There also seems to be a lot of random fouls that get called, which can get repetitive sometimes, but you get the hang of it quickly. Basketball can be very unpredictable as well. Take last year, for example. The team would do very well the first half of the game and be winning by 15 points, but when the second quarter came around, it would keep you on the edge of your seat anticipating if they were going to come through or not (which they always did). #ASUNChamps

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First off, LOVE!!! I absolutely love soccer, and I love cheering for it. Both women and men’s soccer games always seem to impress me every time I go. Being a cheerleader, we always get front row, and you see some gnarly action! It’s a very intense sport, so cheering for it is just as intense. However, the sad part is we aren’t able to do stunts out on the soccer field, and most of the cheers that we have are intended for basketball. As far as cheering goes we are very limited, but there are other ways to spark the crowd.

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As I’m sure you all know, this is our first year cheering our volleyball girls on at the games, and I’m asking myself why we haven’t done it sooner!!! The whole cheer squad would agree that cheering for volleyball is very rewarding. We absolutely LOVE the team and are their biggest fans. The occasional dodging for volleyballs keeps us on our toes, but it’s worth it. In a way, it’s a lot like cheering for basketball, but we don’t perform our dances and are again limited to the cheers we can say, however; there’s no one left sitting at the volleyball games after we win. #startthebus

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Therefore, my goal for you is to go to all three sports and cheer at their games and see for yourself which sport is the most fun for you to cheer at.


Stereotypes​ v. Reality

For starters, I will address the obvious. Not ALL male cheerleaders are gay. In fact, none of the guys on the Lipscomb cheer team are gay. However, there are some male cheerleaders that do happen to be gay. I, on the other hand, have yet to meet one. Cheer is very much an intense sport, especially for guys. They are required to lift and throw us in the air for almost two hours every day. The guys on our cheer team are some of the manliest and strongest guys I know.

@HaydenBrown #FirstLib #AMAZING

Now that being said, my second stereotype I have to address is how cheerleading is not a sport. I will confess I used to think it wasn’t a sport and is very much swept under the rug. However, if you look up the definition of a sport it will say:

“An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.”

Therefore if something consists of

Physical exertion + Skill + Competition = SPORT

I ran track, played soccer, swam, and pole vaulted growing up, all of which was nothing like cheering. I can’t think of any other sport that requires you to do something you’re so scared of while keeping a smile on your face. Cheer is considered the fourth most dangerous sport. It’s ranked behind bull riding and in front of football.

Lastly, another very misguided misconception is that cheerleaders are ditsy and snobby, which I blame on movies like the Waterboy, Bring It On, and The Longest Yard. Last year  Lipscomb cheer’s overall GPA as a group was a 3.4. I received almost all A’s except for one class only because I forgot we happened to be having a mid-term that day (It happens to the best of us).

With that being said, I encourage you to find out for yourself what Lipscomb cheerleaders are really like. Do the stereotypes hold true? Find out for yourself.


9/16/18 Lady Bisons Soccer Game v. Kentucky W 2-1

Throwing Different Cheer Stunts

When I began cheering for Lipscomb my freshman year, I had no clue what value each stunt had; I just thought they were all very impressive. There is a variety of different stunts that people, over the years, have creatively come up with. One of the most basic stunts that can be taught is a chair.

When the chair has been mastered then the next exciting stunt to move forward to is toss hands. This stunt is vital because it is the building block required for almost every stunt. This stunt is the basis for new challenging harder tosses to perform. It focuses on the jump and flick required to get the height you need to throw a stunt.

Toss Hands

Now getting into the exciting stuff, you can begin throwing a liberty, but most people will call it “lib” for short. This stunt is challenging because it requires you to stand on one foot and balance in the air while your foot is secured by your base’s hands.

“Hitting Lib was so exhilarating.  It was very hard not to freak out while staying focused on the stunt.”  -Tori Smith 

After that then it seems as if the world is your oyster and you and your stunt partner move on to bigger and better stunts, such as arabesque, cupie or platform. This stunt requires a lot of focus and balance on the flyer’s part. To hit this stunt, one needs to throw to toss hands, then liberty then arabesque.  Or you could do a cupie, which is one of my favorites. That’s when you throw toss hands and your base/ partner holds you in the palm of his hand.


       Toss Hands —-> Liberty —-> Arabesque 


      Toss Hand —-> Cupie 

Which stunt would you be willing to try?